Meet Mar

Hi there! I go by Mar but the truth of the matter is my real name is “Marlene!” Can it be any WORSE?!  My little family consists of my husband Will, daughter Lindsey and son Ty. I like to think I have two daughters because I love my 9 year old Brittany Spaniel Carly just as much as I love my family. Carly can do NO wrong in my eyes. I consider her my best friend and a major lifeline for me! Speaking of love… I can’t forget my sweet Banks (3) & Callahan (5 months) because having a grandchild is an “unexplainable” kind of love! They call me Nonnie!  There are really no words to sufficiently describe Grandparenthood if there is such a word! Just wait and see if you haven’t already done so!  It’s a promise.

If you could be any Jellycat creature, which one would you be? Why?

I think my co-worker Susan of 25+ years can attest to the fact that if u see the color midnite blue, I’m most likely nearby and so is she for that matter! Therefore, ABN’s Jelly Cat named Cordy Roy the Elephant covered with midnite blue cord has to be, by far, my very favorite Jelly EVER! We’re both a little nosey, but nice. We love love love cuddling! And last but not least we love our long striding walks away from it all! Nice!

Which movie title best describes your life?

A movie that describes my life can easily be Thelma & Louise because my life can clearly be categorized as a “crazy ride!” Most of us girls have what we call a “bestie” that we enjoy life with and live by a “face anything/try everything” theory. When taking risks we wish for a positive ending, but not all risks turn out that way as we all know. That’s the risky part! I try to remember we only live once and I’m truly okay with that because I’ve got my other bestie (God) on my side. He helps me through those not so positive endings.


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